OBSERVER: Maybe you should ask others about the PRSA


It didn’t take the borough council very long to defend their ‘investment’ in the PRSA did it?

It didn’t take the borough council very long to defend their ‘investment’ in the PRSA did it? I don’t dispute anything which supporters say in their defence of the complex but as is usual there is a more than one ‘slant’ on the figures quoted.

I don’t dispute that athletics coaching goes on there, despite the fact the original Boston Athletics Club left some years ago; I don’t dispute that English schools athletics programmes take place there, but that is a far cry from the international events the town were promised.

I have nothing against the rugby club – I enjoy watching all sport, including rugby – but their chairman admits the club’s development wouldn’t have been possible without the PRSA and I’m sure the club gets compliments about the quality of the facilities.

However, I’m also sure that many other sports organisations in the town would dearly love to have the same type of facility supported by taxpayers’ money.

The contract manager quotes 103,000 people using the facilities. It’s an impressive figure: but if someone uses the facility on a regular basis, say 100 times a year, that could mean only 1,030 different people use the facility a year.

On that basis if someone visits more regularly the figure would be even less.

The daily bulletin on the council website made much of the satisfaction of people who use the facility; but it is a bit of a captive audience, isn’t it?

Perhaps the council should make use of one of their stalls in the Market Place on a Wednesday or Saturday and ask for people’s opinions.

They might get a completely different view of things!

What the council cannot seem to understand is that many Bostonians aren’t against the PRSA as a venue: but they do object strongly to the amount of money invested there at the expense of other projects in the town, especially when the original promise was that any cost would be minimal.

It’s anything but!