OBSERVER: Merger plan could sound ‘death knell’


I return – again – to the subject of the county council perhaps becoming a super council: last week’s story gave more details of the proposal which apparently includes hopes to ‘take over’ NE Lincolnshire County Council and, surprisingly, Peterborough City 

While I can understand the reasoning behind expanding into the south Humber area I cannot understand for one minute why we should be interested in Peterborough. Recent visits to that area have shown massive roads restructuring and businesses moving into the area on a constant basis, with more and more business parks. Just what both areas think to the proposal isn’t known as at the time neither 
replied to requests for comments.

Peterborough seem to be doing quite well on their own and apart from the possible increase in money to the wider area would they be really keen to lose much of what they are getting now?

No matter how big the proposed new area might be, nothing changes the fact that the vast majority of our county is rural; if we were bigger and attracting more money wouldn’t a large slice of that extra money still have to go into the area which we are currently hoping to take over? So where would be the 

The suggestion is that the proposal could save £30 million but at what cost to the general public and more importantly the staff employed?

The move ‘could sound the death knell for some other authorities’ and one of those you would expect to be our own local council. They may have their faults but at least we know who is representing us and they do know the 

Even now if you contact the county council and give an address locally you invariably get asked whereabouts in Boston it is!

Just imagine most decisions being taken on our behalf by people who do not know the area.