OBSERVER: More of the same to come in 2016?


It has come to that time of the year when we look back at what’s happened in the town – not a lot; and what we can hope to see next year – more of the same! The past year certainly saw a lot of mentions for the Pilgrim Hospital: the usual complaints, followed by praise, followed by more complaints and then more praise.

Praise for being the best in the county for the treatment and follow-ups for those with hip fractures, and from children who showed a high satisfaction rate for their time spent in the hospital.

There were the usual comments about the amounts being still spent on the PRSA, and the Boston in Bloom entry won a gold award for the first time. I still think it would be worth more if the judges were not ‘directed’ on a pre-planned tour. I still managed on a couple of occasions to ‘traumatise’ some council staff, apparently, with my comments. We also got several new councillors and there were hopes – for at least a week – that we may see differences in the way the town was governed. Our hopes were quickly dashed when UKIP managed to fall out among themselves, thus more or less handing ‘power’ back to the same party as before. At least my fear that I would have less to criticise in the future didn’t come to fruition and nothing much has changed.

New Mayor Richard Austin is persisting with his plan ‘to paint Boston in a positive light’. Our parking enforcement officers continue with their efforts to welcome visitors and encourage local business by slapping fines on firms parking outside their shops when delivering. The county council continue their efforts in the area; not content with offering more Market Place ‘improvements’ they have provided the town with ER signs to direct people away in the event of flooding – but no sandbags, or bypass, at any price!

And the council have suddenly decided that they should offer ‘consultations’ on everything – although there’s no guarantee they will take any notice.

Never mind, have a Happy New Year and I look forward to more ‘Observations’ next year!