OBSERVER: My hopes for the year ahead in Boston

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Do you look forward to a new year? I suppose it’s one of those things where you always hope that things will be better than the previous one, especially now in this time of austerity.

So what do I hope for? Well it would be nice if we could, of course, get the Market Place sorted out once and for all but it’s like a lot of other things in Boston: it might or it won’t. Perhaps if some of the things we had been promised it would be actually came to fruition it would help.

Where’s all those ‘special’ events – I’m not counting the ‘craft market’ in this – we were promised? The music events, the exhibitions, the buskers etc? At the moment it looks like a slab of paving and apart from the markets nothing seems to be going on. Time for a rethink on parking, as I’ve mentioned before?

It would be nice if a lot of those Task and Finish reports from the council were actually acted upon. Perhaps they are being, but if they are the council is certainly keeping it quiet. The report on the town’s recent ‘issues’ brought praise from many agencies. It would also be very welcome if the government actually took notice of it and paid more towards all the extra services we have to provide.

What else to hope for? Perhaps the NHS Trust would like to rethink its ‘targets’ for ambulance times in the rural areas. As I understand it, ambulances have an eight-minute ‘target’ to get to a patient! Not round here, when it can take you longer than that to get from one side of the town to the other!

Perhaps the CQC will actually tell us what the Pilgrim Hospital falls down on specifically. All we hear about is how ‘bad’ it is – then, within weeks we read letters from grateful patients about the care they receive. Both can’t be (apparently) right!

Finally, let’s hope that all those affected by the flooding get back to better times as quickly as possible.