OBSERVER: No council tax rise... and don’t forget to vote for us!


There was news last week that the county council has decided to increase its part of the council tax for the first time in five years.

I understand East Lindsey District council is also raising its as well: both are raising extra money and also taking small amounts from their reserves for projects even though cuts are also being made in some areas.

Then we come to Boston Borough Council! Sorry, but I’m going to upset some people again; in the year when elections take place it appears there is again to be no increase in its council tax demand. Of course there’s praise and congratulations from almost all councillors that they are not increasing the tax, pointing out that any increase the taxpayers will see is ‘not their fault’ but that of the police and the county council.

Supporting their decision I see quotes of ‘a remarkable achievement and yet we have not raised our council tax’, and ‘to do this over the four years of this administration has been really good’.

The only thing they didn’t add was ‘and don’t forget to vote for us in May’. I’ve often said in the past that the borough always appears to do as they are told by Lincoln; on this occasion it seems the message didn’t get through in time.

The news that up to 250 local workers may soon find themselves out of a job is one that people don’t want to read – especially those affected. Although some jobs may be available at the site near Spalding, many will not like the idea of having to travel that little bit further to work. Although understanding the reasoning behind the proposal it does seem a little short-sighted as presumably the vegetables presently dealt with at Butterwick will have to be transported to Spalding. Just think of all that extra traffic between Butterwick and Spalding and back.

Mind you, as the county council intends to spend more money on maintaining our highways, with the help of an extra £9 million from the government, perhaps we may see an improvement in our local roads – or not!