OBSERVER: No surprise over barrier delay

WELL, what a surprise!

After all the publicity about the town being in line for a flood barrier to protect it from the fear of future flooding, and in the process providing us with a waterfront with shops, bars and restaurants, all we had to wait for it was a rubber-stamp from the county council for their contribution and away we would go.

And what did we get? At their meeting last week they decided on a delay of a month while they consider whether it is going to be a value for money scheme, making sure that the waterways will give access to towns further inland, before they made their commitment.

I’m sure that when the new lock gates were recently opened at the bottom end of London Road, it was in preparation for the flood barrier – so you would assume that investigations would already have been made that the waterways would be opened up. Apparently not!

Just why is it that whenever the name of Boston comes up the county can find a way to not deliver the goods?

Mind you there was a rubber-stamp – for the new inner relief road in Lincoln. Priorities, of course.

As a matter of interest did any of the Boston representatives actually comment on the decision or did they just roll over and accept it?

l I see the disabled parking question rumbles on, now with threats of taking the council to court over the perceived ‘discrimination’.

If you have a Blue Badge and park in Lincoln council car parks you have to pay; however, you get twice the time you pay for. That scheme has been in operation since 2009 and as far as I’m aware hasn’t attracted court action. Mind you, double the time is quite a bit different to an additional 30 minutes!