OBSERVER: ‘Not criticising council staff... they do grand job’


It appears my short comment about Boston in Bloom a few weeks ago upset two people – one in particular – enough to merit just over two columns of reply on last week’s Letters page.

In reply to Ms Fairman I apologise if you felt I was decrying the efforts of the volunteers involved in the Bloom project: anything 

I do not disagree with anything you say regarding their efforts - in fact I applaud what you are all doing.

This brings me to Coun Gunter: regrettably no one bought me a record at Christmas (although I prefer CDs these days) so I’ll just have to keep on filling my ‘space’ as you put it. I was born, educated and spent my working life here and am concerned about the direction the town is moving, or not. Your assertion about depressing the 283 staff employed by the borough is a similar one made to a comment I made a couple of years ago. I repeat what I think I said then: I am not criticising the staff, I am criticising the people who make decisions, ie the majority of councillors. I also agree the borough doesn’t control the county council – it’s the other way round!

On my visits to West Street (yes, I have been and the alarms didn’t go off!) the staff have been polite and keen to answer my 

I have frequently complimented those who work in the park and also 
the bin men: my problem 
is not with the staff or officers.

On Boston in Bloom: I just think whatever money there is, some could be used, perhaps, to make the two main roundabouts in 
town more attractive. 
That’s a positive suggestion for you!

On the PRSA she points out they are spending money to save ratepayers money: where is this money coming from but ratepayers 

Unfortunately, I don’t have the same amount of space to reply as she had to criticise. She should be aware I make my comments after talking to friends and listening to people in my pub and the Market Place.