OBSERVER: Not everyone has use of social media


Do you ever get the feeling the county council is doing its best to ruin Boston completely? Funnily enough, at the height of the recent election, and no doubt hoping the new ‘rules’ wouldn’t be noticed in all the excitement(!), it was announced there were to be simpler rules for parking in the Market Place.

This follows a local consultation - which took place when and who were consulted? - and as a result the parking regulations for the central area will mean there will be no waiting between 9am and 4pm and NO vehicles can be parked in the area during those hours. It appears this will also affect blue badge holders as they will be included in this ban.

It will also mean shoppers will be able to park closer to shops if they are just loading or unloading.

The thinking behind the change appears to be that it’s expected to make it easier for people and less likely that drivers will find a parking ticket on their vehicles. But then comes the real ‘clincher’: it will also keep the area clear for pedestrians, create an ‘attractive place for shoppers and visitors’ and ensure the town centre ‘remains a vibrant and thriving area.’

Time will tell, of course, whether this latest ‘improvement’ will actually work. I do sometimes wonder if, after all the problems which have arisen in this important area of the town, the council ever regrets passing on responsibility to the county.

I also notice that our masters in West Street have proudly announced how much more they are going to rely on ‘social’ media to let us know how well they are doing. Apparently this will make the council more ‘transparent’ and will allow it to reach the widest audience. They appear to have forgotten that not every one has access to all this media - how will they find out?