OBSERVER: Our couldn’t make it up!


You couldn’t make it up could you? Well, you can if you live in Boston!

It seems the council may give notices of dismissal to their staff – if they refuse to accept the new terms of employment regarding their pay and conditions which, it is alleged, is necessary to save (ie cut) yet more money.

We are now being told nationally that things are getting better and it was slightly ironic that on the day after this news appeared it was announced that pay had gone up in the last year by an average of just over 2.5 per cent. Just the sort of news our council workers need to hear when they are being asked to take a cut to their terms!

There are a number of questions which need to be asked: does this suggested cut in contract terms and conditions apply to those on the higher salaries as well – eg, chief executives, officers etc? Does it apply to councillors’ allowances etc? If the staff do get notices of dismissal, have the council got a plan B to cover any shortfall in acceptances? Why is it that when ‘savings’ have to be made it always affects those at the bottom and very rarely those at the top?

If the council wants suggestions on what to ‘save’ on how about doing away with the Boston Bulletin, which is no good to anyone who doesn’t have a computer to read it on? Why not charge the staff – and councillors – for parking? At a time when everyone has to pay more for parking locally, why should staff have a free gift to park all day in the centre of the town at the expense of the taxpayers?

Also don’t bother with any more of the nonsensical surveys which appear from time to time, usually asking the same questions and then not, apparently, doing anything about the comments? Mind you, if they are asked enough times, perhaps taxpayers will come up with the ‘right’ answers!

The path the council appear to be going down could be a very dangerous one: the terms and conditions they work under are usually nationally agreed and done for a reason. Mind you, BBC always seem to want to go a different way to anyone else.