OBSERVER: Parking, policing and parachuting


The borough council came in for strong criticism from a national daily paper recently over the parking fine issued to an elderly gentleman from Horncastle who spent a couple of minutes helping a neighbour on to a bus in Boston.

He parked in an undesignated area, apparently, so received a ticket: but he claims the ticket had wrong information on it and is refusing to pay.

The council spokesman seemingly trotted out the usual reply that the parking attendant was only doing his job and therefore the fine should stand. 
It is a little harsh to judge the council on who was ticketed, since, regardless of background, we all have to abide by the parking rules.
Mr Chester is rightly proud of his record in the war and adamant that he can prove the council wrong. If that’s the case it’d be nice to see common sense prevail and the fine to be written off.

○ I made mention last week of our MP being ‘parachuted’ into our constituency with little or no idea of where he was coming.

Now it seems our Conservative neighbours in the Horncastle constituency are doing the same by appointing a lady from Gloucestershire, with no knowledge of the area, into the safe seat being vacated by Sir Peter Tapsell.

Sir Peter is now the longest-serving MP in the present parliament and has represented his area, I believe, for over 50 years as an exceptional member.

I know there’s nothing to say his replacement will not do as good a job, but isn’t it a pity no one locally was felt good enough to stand for election?

○ Our Police Commissioner is right to be pleased by the report that the police in our county are doing a good job ‘on the cheap’; but when residents see an apparent lack of officers on the beat and jobs are being outsourced to cheaper companies, isn’t it a sad indictment on the government that we have to keep pressing the point that the second-biggest county is still underfunded? Obviously not south enough!