OBSERVER: Pilgrim has always treated me well

PILGRIM Hospital appears to be in the news for the wrong reasons again, the latest CQC report apparently suggesting no fewer than 21 improvements to the service.

Not being in the medical profession I obviously can’t comment on some of the issues but it does appear from what some people have said that the Commission are complaining because all the right boxes aren’t being ticked in some circumstances.

I’m in the fortunate position of needing hospital help on few occasions but I have to say that the times I was there I received nothing but consideration and excellent service from everyone. Perhaps it’s the vocal minority who put pressure on the CQC, I don’t know; but I do believe there are several factors to consider about the service – or lack of, as perceived – at Pilgrim.

The report says the right staff can’t be attracted; to put it bluntly if you were a doctor, surgeon or nurse coming up here from the south would you decide to stay if you saw the state of our infrastructure. No decent roads, no train service to speak of, very little in the way of entertainment and a growing population which puts pressure on a hospital which serves a very wide community.

There’s also a report that the ambulance service has been ‘hauled over the coals’ again.

Apparently there is a complaint that emergency calls aren’t being answered within the suggested nine-minute time scale (I believe it’s nine), and that some ambulances are exceeding the 18 minutes for less severe cases.

Obviously the people who come up with these timescales haven’t visited Lincolnshire (and our area in particular) to find out the reason why!

To add a little more fire to the flames regarding traffic in Boston, the closure of Fydell Street has led to some unbelievable stories of how long it takes to get off the Asda car park. Anything up to 45 minutes can be the norm, and all because people won’t give way at the roundabout coming off the car park or decide they don’t want to ‘lose their place’ and block the exit, leading to queues as far back as the Sluice Bridge rail crossing and down Sleaford Road.

Surely the county council have got to do even more sometime soon to help us – or perhaps not! Perhaps we should change our name to East Lincoln?