OBSERVER: Pilgrim Hospital figures strengthen call for more money


The report on Pilgrim Hospital’s budget made interesting reading – not least because it gave yet more ammunition for the town’s fight for more money.

Over past months, years even, many have made the point that in an area like ours, with an infrastructure which has seen little improvement over the years and with the vast increase in population, the town needs more money from central government.

The money which is obviously coming the Pilgrim’s way is certainly no more than the area deserves.

Now we need to push for more for the town itself, using these figures to help. Outpatient numbers and A&E admissions are going up at Pilgrim. Doesn’t this also show we have an increasing population? Or don’t these count towards us having more living in the area?

Much has been made over the last 12 months about the number of government ministers visiting the area and all have said we need extra money – more specifically because of this increased population.

The only thing is there is a lot of difference between ministers saying we need the money and actually getting it!

As our MP is currently asking for our comments about anti-social behaviour, so that he can get more done about it, perhaps we ought to ask him at the same time when all this extra money we are (apparently) in line for will arrive.

○It’s surprising what you see happening about town! Last week I was walking past Iceland in Bargate and there appeared to be a slight traffic hold-up with nothing moving: all became clear when I reached the traffic lights.

A car bearing a blue badge had parked right outside the restaurant (no one in it) and a lorry was trying to get past but couldn’t because of the queue of traffic in Tawney Street. Some (not all, I quickly hasten to add!) disabled drivers don’t help their cause.