OBSERVER: Planned parking rises another ‘body blow’

IT SEEMS a little ironic that a week after I was praising Spalding for having free parking for up to three hours, and suggesting that our own council should consider asking how they could do it, news comes of suggestions that our own parking fees should rise!

Apparently the cheap half-hour fee is to go (that didn’t last long, did it?) all other fees are increasing and the charge for night parking is to be reinstated.

Now isn’t that just the sort of news our businesses are waiting to hear? At a time when they are struggling because of the Market Place ‘improvements’ and the general financial situation they get another body blow from their own representatives.

It’s just the sort of thing designed to bring more people into the town – I don’t think!

I have mixed views about the suggestion to charge Blue Badge holders. I’ve noticed while on holiday this year more and more councils appear to be charging for parking for these so I suppose we are just jumping on the bandwagon as well.

No doubt there will be objections going in from holders but part of me thinks that as they get benefits to help them with day-to-day costs why should they not pay? They also get the concession of being able to park, for up to three hours apparently, on double yellow lines. The only thing which will happen, I presume, is that even more will park on the lines and the council will not benefit from the extra income they believe they will get.

Time will tell.

The news that the Chancellor is to ‘invest’ £100 million into the Yorkshire and Humber area is no doubt good news – at least it is from the point of view of Lincoln who will now get their long-awaited eastern bypass. It will be interesting to see how much will be ‘invested’ in this area. Answers on the back of a stamp please.

It was also interesting to hear the county council representative comment that the long campaign by Lincoln City Council had finally succeeded.

Was it a case of ‘he who shouts the longest is heard the most’? That’s probably the reason why Boston is not being considered. The silence is deafening from this part of the county!