OBSERVER: Pleasing to see some good news for the town


Two pieces of good news for the area this week, with the Lincolnshire NHS Trust being taken out of special measures after improving their services over the last year or so, and then Boston United finally getting ‘formal’ approval for their new stadium development.

Mind you, the last two years have been a bit of a roller coaster ride for the Trust. The four hospitals involved improved a little the first year but still not enough to come out of the special measures category; and now, although being more or less in the clear, there is a bit of a ‘barbed’ welcome for their further improvement. Louth and Grantham are now rated as ‘good,’ the two larger hospitals at Boston and Lincoln still ‘require improvement’.

The Trust chief executive pays tribute to the hard work of the staff over the last 20 months which enabled them to get to the position they are now in; and Pilgrim apparently came very close to a ‘good’ rating.

Letters recently have in most cases praised the staff at Boston for their dedication to patients, although at times they have been under immense pressure because of staff shortages. It seems to be one of those impossible-to-solve situations; if more money is spent the Trust is accused of spending too much, if they don’t spend it they don’t get enough staff. But regardless of the circumstances, the staff just do their best and we should be grateful that we still get a good service in the area.

As for Boston United: their hard work over the past couple of years finally seems to be gaining fruition. We should remember that it’s not just the Conference football team which will benefit from the new development – the club is a ‘community’ club providing facilities for youngsters of all ages in all sorts of sports and recreation and they will all benefit from what is proposed.

More jobs will be available when the building starts and plans for a new hotel and supermarket, among other businesses, should mean others are available after the development is completed.