OBSERVER: Politics - it certainly keeps us talking


Politics – local or national – can always get even the most mild person talking. Last week’s paper contained the sorts of things that bring this to the fore.

Our MP writes in his viewpoint that he wants locals to give him ‘proof’ of anti-social behaviour as evidence for the police minister, presumably to use as ammunition in persuading the said minister to release more funds for local policing.

Fair enough, no problem in that. But it does give the impression that our MP visits the area on so few occasions, apart from when there is a ‘photo opportunity’, that he doesn’t know or realise the state the town is getting into. On local TV news programmes we have MPs from other areas extolling different schemes or ideas they have put forward to Parliament – but nothing from round here.

It also gives the impression that people are not telling him of such issues on his visits here so he is not aware of them. But I presume Mr Simmonds does at least receive bulletins produced every week with full details of news from the area and anti-social behaviour – ie the local newspapers!

You just can’t get away from car parking and fees, can you? I notice a local councillor argued that free or cut-price parking could help influence people to come back to the town to shop, only for Coun ‘Knocker’ Richmond to say that although not against free parking, it is not affordable; charging “is not something we want to do, it is something we have to do”. That is, unless you are a councillor on council business when it’s free!

Incidentally, I hear that councillors have been ‘reminded’ of the conditions associated with using their free parking pass. They were told they had to pay when not on council business, to which several members were heard to say they would use private car parks as council ones were ‘too dear’.

Welcome to ‘our’ world, councillors!