OBSERVER: Quadrant referendum is one thing but what about the silent majority?


So the residents of Wyberton have decided they don’t want the Quadrant development. Or have they?

According to campaigner Sue Bell the vote was overwhelmingly against the plans – 86.25%, she says. But take a look at the figures: and let’s face it, figures can say exactly what you want them to say, as in this case.

Of an electorate of 2,985, just 560 took the trouble to vote, and yes 86.25% of those 560 said ‘no.’ Cue for much celebration and, according to her video statement, “the council will have to take this into consideration when the plans are discussed.”

But will the planners also take note that of the total electorate some 81.24% couldn’t be bothered to vote one way or the other? Perhaps they are in favour? That’s certainly a different slant on the result, is it not? It’s a typical case of the vocal minority having their say and claiming victory; what about the silent majority?

When the planners announce their decision some people are going to be delighted, others disappointed. But looking at the plans as a whole surely the fact that someone is prepared to invest in the town, and goodness knows we need something, should be welcomed?

The recent chaos with the traffic should be a wake-up call to the borough and county councils. The serious accident happened on the one piece of road which many have predicted could cause a problem: and so it proved. No matter where you went or wanted to go there was just no movement, proving yet again that there needs to be a way to get the majority of traffic round the town and not through it.

And just when you think it can’t get any worse along come the county council with the idea of stopping traffic using the right hand turn from the Church Road/dock area and sending them down to the Liquorpond Street roundabout and back.

Now is the time for the majority of our borough councillors to forget their party allegiance and tell the county to think again – otherwise we may have a similar situation.