OBSERVER: Reflecting on a week of ‘controversial’ decisions

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TWO ‘controversial’ decisions made the news last week.

I think it was always ‘on the cards’ that the Matt Cardle show was going to be a non-starter. No disrespect to Boston Town’s Mick Vines – he was only trying to raise money for the club – but surely he should have realised he had to get either council or police permission to hold the event.

The ground, after all, is not exactly well served by good roads and the hope that up to 10,000 people might attend could have frightened many of those living in the vicinity.

As it turned out very few tickets were sold (less than 20 in the Boston area) but at least Mr Vines tried to do something to bring people to the town.

I do have to say though that if I lived in Ireland I would have made sure the show was going ahead before booking flights and hotels!

l The news that the ‘call-in’ of the council decision regarding parking – and especially the charges for the disabled – was unsuccessful was another that appeared ‘dead’ before it was even discussed.

The decision of a Conservative-controlled council was never going to be overturned by a Conservative-dominated committee regardless of the merits or otherwise of the request for the ‘call-in’.

It was comforting to see Coun Richmond tell the committee that ‘anything decided as part of the strategy would come back to the committee’. In other words, if we do something you don’t like we can bring it back to you and then you can tell us it’s OK anyway!

l It’s nice to see Bank Street open again, although it seems the lane is also in line for upgrade. Rumour has it that if it does close for this work, it won’t be opened again.

It is to be hoped it will be, certainly for the sake of some of the shopkeepers in the Market Place bearing in mind the ‘little bridge’ is likely to be closed soon for upgrade. One told me last week that if things didn’t improve he may have to consider closing down. Mind you, his shop has only been in the family for over 100 years!