OBSERVER: Roadworks leave a real pain for businesses


The county council has been spending a lot of money recently on repairing some of our roads.

Every week sees public notices informing us when and where works will be taking place, and for how long. The only problem seems to be that the work is often not done on the dates stated, and this can leave businesses losing out on trade and householders making preparations which are not then necessary.

I’ve heard many stories over the past weeks about such inconveniences. One businessman told me he had been informed of at least three different dates for the road in his vicinity being closed for such repairs, along with posters on lamp-posts nearby; on each occasion nothing had happened, and then a few days later another notice went up saying when the work would be done. Needless to say, there was no work.

The repairs have now been done but, as he pointed out to me, he made customers aware of the work dates and then lost out when they stayed away; and he lost out again when he made people aware of the amended dates and still nothing happened.

Most of the works are for road repairs and, in some cases, relining. But there have been occasions where, again, notice has been given and the work hasn’t taken place on the stipulated dates.

I heard of one area where a local councillor took the trouble of going round a couple of streets in their ward posting notices explaining what was being done and asking that roads be kept clear.

Needless to say, the work didn’t take place on the day stipulated, but a few days later – and no relining was done.

It’s pleasing to see the county getting round to doing these repairs but any ‘brownie’ points they may have looked forward to have been lost because of what seems to be a ‘slap dash’ approach. No doubt there may be justifiable reasons why they don’t keep to the dates and times specified; another note explaining the reasons may not go amiss.