OBSERVER: Roadworks worth it? We’ve heard that before


The road chaos has taken centre stage again with many people and businesses asking how much more Boston has to take?

It’s all very well the highway bosses saying it will be ‘worth it’ but we’ve heard that expression too many times before – especially as far as the Market Place is concerned – to believe it.

I have one query: do the highways people in Lincoln actually visit Boston to see what our problems are? Or do they rely solely on the computer ‘models’, which everyone knows (think back to the time we were told the Asda development wouldn’t have any impression on road usage, according to the computers) cannot replicate the accurate picture?

Perhaps if these people came to the town for a month they would realise what residents have to go through on a regular basis. They would perhaps realise that, unlike Lincoln, there is often no other road to go on in Boston other than John Adams Way to get from A to B. We don’t have the option – as Lincoln does – to find an easy way round. It’s all very well having these ideas to improve roads and junctions but if they don’t have the desired effect, why bother?

It appears, also, that the highways people didn’t realise that if they start works on High Street and South Square, they will also affect John Adams Way. It’s called looking at a map, in case they don’t know.

○ A colleague has shown me a pamphlet pushed through his door this week on behalf of our Conservative councillors, again telling us what a safe future we have with them. Apparently it was ‘sensible financial management’ to sell the Assembly rooms for £500,000, to save on the upkeep. Perhaps if money had been spent on a regular basis the problem wouldn’t have arisen – but, of course, as with every other council, money has to be saved. Still waiting to find out what we are saving for.

The pamphlet also tells us the borough gets nearly £150 a year from each council taxpayer; the county gets almost £950! Perhaps someone will be able to explain to Bostonians how come the latter can be classed as ‘value for money’ compared to what other parts of the county get done?