OBSERVER: Royal Mail letter failed to deliver all the answers


Last week’s letters’ column had a reply to my recent comment from Royal Mail’s delivery director for this area.

This still doesn’t address my concerns about what will happen to the service if (or when) it is privatised and, in fact, leaves more questions than answers.

For instance, why will private ownership allow the service to become more flexible? Surely so long as it does its job and continues to do so, there’s no reason why it cannot be more flexible?

If the quality of service will remain the same under privatisation as it does now, why does it need to be privatised?

He seeks to give assurances that Ofcom has already specified the minimum standards under regulation; should he not be seeking that maximum standards be the norm?

It seems wrong to me that we, the ratepayers, have put money into the Royal Mail pension fund to make it attractive to buyers; if we have put this money in, should we not get the benefit in the future rather than shareholders?

You only have to look at what happened with BT; if it was still under the control of the government we would probably be getting free phone calls considering the profits now made.

Coun Carol Taylor was complimentary to me on her blog last week – I think!

I’ll certainly take your words on board Carol, but could I point out that unfortunately I do not have similar contacts a certain blogger had.

And I’m certainly not a Sentinel (for older readers) or a Spectator.

Nevertheless, I’ll keep making my comments and try not to offend too many ‘traumatised’ people too much.

I presume she has already read the letter from Mrs Johnson re ‘Our town needs help’. I hope she has made sure all the other councillors are up to date with it too.