OBSERVER: Shame local councils didn’t stump up support

WHAT good news for the Stump that funding has been found for them to do the work necessary to (hopefully) attract more tourists to the building.

But, with no disrespect to the organisations providing the money – in fact they should be praised – what a pity our own council or indeed the county council obviously didn’t feel the need to be involved.

After all, visitors might even be attracted to stay longer in Lincolnshire after their visit.

The county soon found the money to ‘upgrade’ the Market Place, admittedly with a donation from the EU and a not ungenerous donation from our own council, and the latter still apparently feel the need to continually donate to the PRSA on a regular basis.

You would not have to be a Brain of Britain to also guess where most visitors would prefer to go when coming to the town! But it appears that rather than lose face the council will continue to throw our money, ratepayers’ money, at the white elephant.

I have also heard comments just recently about the fact the Stump appears to be rarely floodlit at night. I know there were appeals made for sponsorship for this and what better time than to do it than in Diamond Jubilee year?

Surely there must be some businesses in the town that could come forward? Or perhaps the council might make it part of their celebrations, that is if they haven’t already decided what they are going to do.

l An item on Look North attracted my attention last week. There was a story about venues in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire which were to be used by overseas countries for training in readiness for the Olympics.

There was quite as lot of excitement locally at the time London won the bid, with news that several countries had shown interest in using the PRSA and a few months ago it was announced the Egyptian Paralympians would be using the facilities.

Not according to Look North! No mention at all at all of anything in this area.

Have they changed their minds, or were their inspectors unable to get through the traffic on a preliminary visit and decided not to bother?