OBSERVER: Stories from floods should raise hopes that we can continue to pull together

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The stories in last week’s paper arising from the flooding should raise hopes that Bostonians will continue to pull together for the good of the town.

It’s amazing how something so dreadful nearly always brings the best out of everyone and if it means residents will take more care of their town in the future so much the better.

I was talking to a couple who had been flooded and they couldn’t get over the fact that some neighbours who hardly spoke to each other were rallying round to help one another. It’s just this type of ‘togetherness’ which needs to be harnessed for the future of the town.

We have heard much in the past few weeks of how, apparently, people organising the Christmas market didn’t speak to each other and as a result there was no market. Blame was apportioned everywhere – but the point about it all was that the whole town suffered.

I have mentioned on a number of occasions in the past that no one seems to want to organise anything in the town these days; at least nothing that would involve everyone. I am aware of the Community Day in the park, but I’m thinking of the days when we used to have carnival processions with a Gala Queen, marching bands and lorry floats.

Is it too much to hope that after everything is more or less back to normal, people will continue to talk to each other, neighbour to neighbour, and, with the help of the council, a group might be formed to take us forward to such an event.

What a tribute to all those who were involved in the rescue operations last week that out of such a disaster something good might evolve for the benefit of the town. Let’s keep everyone together!

l I’ve had my ‘moments’ in the past with the borough council but I have to raise my hat to them for the work carried out in the aftermath of the flood. It seemed everywhere was getting cleaned up as best as possible on the Friday, lorries carting away damaged furniture, and sweepers out trying to clear pavements and roads. It was a fantastic effort and this time I have nothing but praise for what the borough council did!