OBSERVER: Survey says...poor response

THE ‘hate crime survey’ undertaken by Boston Borough Council apparently received only 134 responses, yet it is claimed this paints a ‘positive’ picture for the area.

Now, I don’t know when or how this survey was done but suspect that it was yet another one which appeared only on the council website, something which not everyone looks at or even has access to.

Apparently it was a significant increase on the last survey but that to get a representative sample would require 382 responses.

Now, if the figures from this survey are to be shared with the various different committees involved in hate crime then I have serious concerns. For one thing, as the council admits, it is a low response and cannot, surely, be used in any future decisions.

Might I suggest that to get a proper response the council should actually publish the survey in the local press – both papers, not just one – and see what sort of a response they get? It may cost more money but to make decisions on a survey replied to by 134 out of an estimated population of well over 60,000 cannot be right.

l I was quite interested to read the story about shoppers showing enthusiasm for the post-Christmas sales for apparently ‘hundreds of thousands’ visited shops in the period between Christmas and the New Year!

On the few occasions I ventured out in that period I failed to see any real increase in shoppers; in fact, on some days I felt there even fewer than usual.

Last Monday (Bank Holiday) a friend visited Skegness expecting to have a nice quiet, leisurely walk around. Instead he found a town absolutely heaving (as he put it) with loads of visitors and had to park on the foreshore car park – with parking £1 all day! – as most of the seafront and the Embassy car park were full.

Now that could have been hundreds of thousands!

l Funny how ex-councillors are quick to criticise. I notice a letter last week complaining, in part, about ‘Boston borough hurting’ referring to a mothballed Haven Gallery, tatty Assembly Rooms, a white elephant PRSA and scruffy municipal buildings. The present council have been in control for less than a year, so apparently everything was OK previous to then?