OBSERVER: The same old concerns persist in Boston in 2015

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There were two interesting letters in a recent edition of The Standard.

One was from an independent councillor who commented that at a recent meeting discussing the proposed drinks ban in the town, some members asked for more details of how it was to be governed (bearing in mind the police were coming under even more pressure with an expected further budget cut).

They were ‘told off’ by the ‘leader’ of the council for being negative! At least it makes me feel less alone in making my comments now, for in the past I have been accused of the same thing. I’ve been accused of ‘talking rubbish’ by people who, apparently, ‘don’t read the column anyway’ and have even been told to watch out for a visit from ‘Knocker’ to my house. It’s comforting to be ‘alone’ no longer and joined by at least one councillor (Richard Leggott).

The other letter from a resident of Alford made all the arguments for better roads in Lincolnshire and it was nice to get a call for a Boston bypass from someone other than a Bostonian.

It is to be hoped that the borough council send a copy of this letter to the county council (some hope), for it details all the points being continually made in this column and on the letters pages regarding the road network in this particular part of the county, together with the point that, currently, Lincoln is regarded by too many on the county council as the only place to be considered for development.

You only have to see in the past how Sleaford and Spalding have thrived with their bypasses. New businesses and developments are still being set up and Boston could have the same possibly, if only the political will was there.

Looking back over the year I have to say – with much regret – that the town still appears to be decaying. I’ve continually drawn attention to how dirty it looks and most visitors, once they’ve passed West Street, most be commenting on how rough the place looks.

Have a good New Year – I can’t really bring myself to say happy.