Observer: The title of mayor should be an honour

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THE question of an elected mayor for the town has raised its head once again.

I do not for one moment doubt the sincerity with which the proposer is hoping to get enough signatures to force a referendum, but I believe the estimated cost of up to £70,000 is prohibitive.

At a time like this, with money so tight and various services having to be cut, the last thing ratepayers should be thinking about is electing a mayor.

The standards committee is suggesting going back to the old system and is to be commended. At least it should ensure that the person elected to be mayor will have long service – and experience – behind them; a good councillor representing his ward should always have no problem in being re-elected and the longer the service the better the experience.

In the past the town has had electricians, truck drivers and businessmen – among others – as mayors. All elected because of the service they gave to the town; and many could ill-afford to take the honour in eras before expenses became the norm. But they did it because of the recognition the town bestowed on them.

Apart from anything else at the moment, is Boston big enough to support an elected mayor? Can it afford the quoted salary? Most important, do we really need it?

On another, lighter note…It’s always nice to hear of local businesses going ‘the extra mile’ to help customers.

A colleague tells me a near-neighbour had a sudden panic just after lunchtime a couple of Saturdays ago when he discovered the pull-switch for his bathroom light was not working.

With guests staying overnight, he rang a couple of electricians but got no reply.

He then remembered buying several items from a local shop round the corner, so more in hope than expectation quickly went round to them, explained the position and asked if they could help.

The first answer was, of course ‘not until Monday’ but then realising his predicament remembered an electrician was helping out in the shop, was on his lunch break, and asked if he could help.

Ten minutes later the electrician arrived and the problem was soon sorted.

So, step forward Boston Electrical Services of Norfolk Street, and electrician Anthony, and take a bow. Service with a smile!