OBSERVER: There could be a fair few issues to sort out

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THE regular Market Place stalls have been transferred down Bargate for some time now to continue business while the refurbishment takes place; some residents like it there, others apparently want to see it back in its usual place.

In a month’s time the May Fair will be here; in the past the market had been transferred down West Street but this year the traders could miss three days of business as the Into Town bus service uses the street.

So, apart from the inconvenience of moving, the traders could now miss out on that income and presumably the supermarkets will have extra trade.

It seems to be one of those situations which no one can plan for, but at a time when the town (like every other town) is struggling to keep business, is it not another nail in the coffin for the town?

Many people will probably go elsewhere for the three market days; no doubt Spalding, Skegness, Horncastle and even Louth will gain benefit, but the question will be ‘Will those shoppers come back?’

While on the subject of the Market Place, has the council made any contingency plans for the repairs which will probably need to be made after the fair has left?

After all the disruption which has gone on over the past year, I’m reminded of the situation when the last ‘refurbishment’ was made. The May Fair followed a few weeks later and when it had gone we were left with numerous oil and diesel spills which had to be removed.

Will the same thing happen this time?

l I notice the council is giving consideration to a parking strategy which may include residents’ permits. It is to be hoped that if this comes in it won’t affect just the town centre streets.

Most schools have ‘zig-zag’ lines outside to prevent parking – so in many areas school staff who can’t get on the car park use streets round about.

I know residents don’t have a right to park outside their own house, but it doesn’t help if someone else beats them to it.

And can the council seriously be considering closing some car parks? New housing on the horizon?