OBSERVER: There’s no need for ‘hole in the wall’

I MUST admit that, until reading Ian Clayton’s letter last week, I didn’t realise there was a planning application to make a hole in the wall round the Ingram Memorial.

Just why is it that Lincolnshire County Council appear to want to do everything possible to ruin the look of the Market Place, and Boston in general?

As Mr Clayton says, there are two entrances to the parish church anyway, so what is the need for a third? The view from the Market Place will not be improved in any significant way to what we see at the moment and Mr Clayton hits the nail on the head: “more money to be wasted and further desecration of our once beautiful and unique Market Place.”

Yes, it is time for us to tell the ‘experts’ (based in Lincoln, of course) of what we, in Boston want – not what they think we want. I fully support Mr Clayton’s view.

Incidentally, I notice the county council are taking steps to make sure we don’t have a traffic problem: road works so we can’t get into town, and road works to make sure we can’t get out! Job done: once we’re in the town there we stay! Thanks a lot for nothing.

Just in case you think I’m always complaining or criticising – me? – I have to say I agree with the design for the new bridge over the Haven near the parish church. Mind you, I think any of the three would have been suitable but the ‘winner’ does appear to be both modern and yet easy on the eye.

But, once again, there seems to have been only a minimal response to the survey, so just what can the council do to get a more in-depth consensus? Perhaps, as I suggested last week, a proper survey could be carried out via an advertisement in the local press and not rely on a story that a survey was available elsewhere.

I meant to make a comment on the story regarding waste being sent to Wales for recycling.

This appears to be a case of “best value” – probably the two most overrated words in the English language. Best value doesn’t always mean what it says: it seems to mean it’s the cheapest option to make the most profit for the people providing the service.