OBSERVER: Time for town to go back to the future


There were interesting stories last week concerning the future look of the main area of the town – the Market Place and its immediate surrounds.

The council’s corporate and community committee had an update on the recent conservation work carried out and the schemes involved to help transform some of the ‘modern’ looking shop fronts back to what they may have looked like in the past.

The example shown in the story was of the Butterfly Hospice shop and the report considered by the committee showed examples of what had been done so far and what it is hoped may be done in the future.

It is to be hoped that more shops and businesses in the area will take advantage of the schemes on offer – at least it will help brighten up the town and perhaps encourage a few more to visit the area.

Boston Town Team, meanwhile, revealed its plans to improve the town centre in general.

Consisting of many of the town’s leading businesses and organisations, the team hopes to be able to increase visitors and tourists, reduce the number of empty shops and improve business representation and consultation.

I have to applaud both these initiatives; and, yes, I am fully aware that for once I’m praising the council for its involvement. But I also have to point out that the plans of the town team really are those which the council should have put into place years ago.

Finally, we had the hopes of UKIP in trying to get the Assembly Rooms toilets reopened.

But wait ... it seems the council has one of its task groups already looking into the problem – and it hopes to make its report in ‘a maximum of 18 months’.