OBSERVER: Toilets are still a big talking point


For several months now, one subject which has led to readers writing on a regular basis has concerned the toilets – or lack of – in the town centre.

After disposing of the Assembly Rooms with no request to the buyers to retain the toilets there, the council must have been aware of the concerns, especially when they themselves had to get rid of bushes and trees in the Central Park to prevent some people using the cover to ‘do their business’.

So when the council decided to refurbish the cattle market toilets, closely followed by those at the bus station, residents must have been quite pleased that at last money was being spen on the facilities.

However, the opening of the new toilets at the cattle market also corresponded with them being vandalised!

Users also found they had to pay 20p for the privilege of using them.

The council certainly kept the latter quiet didn’t they?

At no time, as far as I can recall, did they say when trumpeting their ‘investment’ in the town, did they say they would be paid-for ones.

Coun Richmond says the perpetrators ‘need to understand that it has cost £65,000 of everyone’s money to make these improvements.’

So ratepayers have footed the bill, but then are expected to pay to use them.

No doubt the bus station toilets will also have a 20p charge when they are completed?!

At a time when everyone complains about the ‘mess’ we are experiencing our leaders decide to help out by charging for the use of toilets.

It could soon mean that nowhere in the town – apart from pubs and restaurants – will you have a free ‘p’.

Just what we want, isn’t it, but do we expect anything other from West Street?

And while they are at it, perhaps the council would let us have their comments about the Stickney car boot and why it appears to be doing so