OBSERVER: Vote sees people make their point


Well, I certainly didn’t expect the result we got.

Listening to friends and acquaintances, I got the impression the decision around here might be to come out – but not to the extent that we voted.

It’s rare for Boston to come top in anything but, with almost 76 per cent of the vote going to leave, it must have shocked some other parts of the country.

When you inspect the results more closely, however, it appears that those places that have had a huge increase in population because of people coming from Europe made a point to the government.

You also have to reflect on the fact that, locally at least, people don’t like what’s happened to the area and voted accordingly.

And I have to say that the turnout of voters was far in excess of what we might have expected. Now the country has to take stock and work towards what the majority of people apparently want.

Back to more mundane affairs: does anyone know what’s happened to the fountain in the park?

After much flag-waving, self-congratulation and, of course, photo opportunities, the council sited a ‘grand’ fountain to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee four years ago.

It was the centrepiece of the newly-created Victorian garden – which, I have to say, was, and still is, a huge improvement on the derelict tennis court.

During its short time, it has suffered from usual vandalism, a failed water supply and also became an additional waste bin. But now – nothing. Where is it?

No doubt it cost quite a bit of money, but now all that remains is the base. Mind you, it will make another lovely display for the Boston in Bloom judges to look at.