OBSERVER: Voters gave a big slap to the rulers at County Hall

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

Voters in Boston certainly gave a hard ‘slap’ to the rulers at county hall last week, sending them – and the government – a clear message that all is not well.

Locally, UKIP gained five of the seven seats at stake; they will now have to prove that they not only have national policies but also that they will stand up more for Boston than has appeared to be the case in the past.

I suspect many of their votes came from people who are concerned about the direction the town appears to be moving at the moment. UKIP’s national views are well known and supported in this area, but at the same time we must not lose sight of the fact that from a county point of view they will be unable to implement many of their policies.

They do, however, now have a duty to make sure the mandate they have been given will lead to Boston’s voice being heard more loudly; over the past few years the county have been perceived to do little for the town, other than to implement policies that the majority of the residents did not want.

The Market Place fiasco, the repair – or lack of – to potholes, parking, and the old ‘chestnut’ of better roads have to be addressed; it appears that many of the beaten incumbents had little sway in the decisions at Lincoln. Our new representatives may find support from others who feel the same way as we do and actually be able to get something sorted out.

To be fair to those who voted for them they should make this a priority.

The only thing that disappoints was the relatively poor turnout of voters; many people have aired their views over past weeks and months so to see an average in each ward of only about 27 per cent bothering to turn out must be of concern.

At least one former member won’t have to worry about sharing time between her constituents in Boston and potential future constituents in Yorkshire!