OBSERVER: We always get a poor deal on funding


The local NHS Trust is back in the spotlight again with news that they have to make a further £6 million saving – ie cuts – by the end of March. Of course it’s all down to budgets again.

And there is no doubt in my mind at all that if these savings are made, and there is a reduction in staff, then the CQC will again come in with all guns blazing and tell us that the service provided is not up to standard.

Was it not their last report that led to the trust searching in this country and abroad for more staff to alleviate the position? And such staff recruited need paying, then contributing to the trust having to make the saving before the end of March. You do as requested, get more staff, pay out extra, then told you’re spending too much!

It was interesting to hear one comment on the TV from a former chief executive of the trust that the situation has arisen because the government isn’t giving the trust enough money in the first place: this has been the case for some years.

Why does Lincolnshire always seems to end up with the dirty (for want of a better word!) end of the stick? Surely by now it must be obvious that the main reason why the trust is ‘losing’ money is that the county is a rural area and extra expense is involved; I presume the government is aware of that?

Then if you add in all the additional patients now in the county is it any wonder that the service is creaking because it hasn’t enough money?

Perhaps if the county’s MPs (the majority in the same party in government) actually spoke up for their constituents instead of agreeing to everything their masters decree we might get somewhere. But they won’t rock the boat, will they?

○ Potholes: no matter where you go locally you will come across them. And usually it’s the same ones which reappear time after time. If the county actually repaired them properly instead of just filling them in, we might see a gradual improvement in our roads.