OBSERVER: We have been patient enough waiting for a bypass

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HI-HO, it’s back to the bypass saga we go!

The front page headline ‘Town Bypassed’ summed it up nicely – we’re already bypassed via Spalding, Grantham and Lincoln! Obviously, ploys by Lincoln County Council to make sure no-one comes anywhere near us; no need for another route.

The constraint study apparently stated, in part, the problem for Boston: “Poor access to the principal network of the county and to the markets beyond, together with the additional costs caused by congestion.” This is exactly what most of the town have been saying for years; not the council of course, but the rest of us.

The study then gives the issues with the route which had been suggested: “Crossings over waterways and the railway . . . and the flood risk.”

But, and it’s a very big but, the self-same issues don’t apparently apply to the suggested £96 million eastern bypass for Lincoln – where I understand at least three bridges will have to be built over rivers and drains, and the railway.

Campaign leader Mrs Basu makes an interesting comment that the election victory by the Bypass Independents was a missed opportunity that actually put the cause back.

As for the county, it asserts that the road widening in the town has significantly improved traffic in the town. Try telling that to the motorists queuing on Sleaford Road, Spilsby Road and Wainfleet Road.

Meanwhile, the borough council urges residents to ‘be patient’. I think we’ve been patient long enough. And Coun Bedford asks us to be ‘realistic’. We are – we know we’ve got a borough council now which is not any better than the previous incumbents, not standing up to the county and really pressing our case. And we have a county which couldn’t care a jot about Boston, so long as we keep paying the same rates as everyone in the county and not get anything in return!

Perhaps there ought to be a two-tier system of rates – those that get the most, pay the most.

Meanwhile, we’re assured of a great future once the flood barrier is in place – just think, there could be £500 million of investment going into the town with all these shops and businesses just queuing up to come here.

Or not, if the present glut of empty shops is anything to go by.