OBSERVER: We wouldn’t want yet more decisions from Lincoln


The regular words of wisdom of our leader make interesting(?) reading and it’s always intriguing to see what credit can be claimed for every month. The latest epistle doesn’t disappoint.

It appears that despite all the complaints in this paper, all the comments on social media and , no doubt, all the letters to the county council about the disruption caused by the recent road works – none of which seemed to register at Lincoln – it was thanks to Coun Bedford’s eventual lobbying which encouraged the county to immediately finish the work by working through the night.

Perhaps he could now lobby the county to ask why all this disruption was necessary to provide a cycle track which in all probability will not be used by many Bostonians but which has also led to the apparent loss of one lane for traffic turning right on to the Haven Bridge!

A neighbour told me at the beginning of the week that there appeared to be more traffic than usual queuing into the Market Place and then he discovered why when he had to drive back to John Adams Way. It was the loss of the right hand lane on to the bridge which was causing traffic to back up: this led to traffic wanting to turn left on to JAW having to wait in the narrow street from the Market Place before they could split into the two lanes.

Yet again the curse of Lincoln appears to have struck! Did the computer not tell them that if they lost a lane at an important junction there might be problems? Obviously not! But never mind, it’s only Boston.

There’s also been talk this week about a possible regionalisation of parts of the UK so councils can make more decisions about their areas. Sounds an interesting idea but the same neighbour also commented to me that if it happened round here we might find Lincoln being the centre for such decision-making. Perhaps, though, we might be put into the same area as cities like Nottingham, Leicester and Derby – the East Midlands. At least the latter might be a better outcome than Lincoln!