OBSERVER: What rattled council leader’s cage?

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Well, well, well! What a reaction from Coun Peter Bedford to my column in which I apparently didn’t bother to do any research before printing ill-informed ‘facts’.

Perhaps if he had taken off his rose-tinted specs, he might have properly read what I commented on – the fact that perhaps the Environment Agency should invite other authorities to come here to see how Boston was protected from flooding. I am fully aware of who has been here in the past and certainly didn’t need reminding.

What I was trying to say– and what Coun Bedford didn’t pick up on – was that perhaps ‘someone in authority’ ought to issue that invite so that other areas of the country might benefit if they had similar procedures in place as we benefit from.

Why he had to drop names of those who visited I don’t know, but it appears none of them actually took any notice when they were here. If he had read the article (or at least the last two paragraphs) without immediately assuming I was criticising the measures already in place, he might have realised that I was actually saying how good the area is served by the drainage systems – hence the reason why we get little or no flooding.

I suggested ‘someone in authority’ try to persuade the EA that we are NOT in a flood-risk area precisely because of these measures and ask them to encourage insurance companies to recognise we are not in such a high risk area.

I don’t mind people having a ‘go’ at me if I’m wrong; what concerns me more is that the leader of the council apparently doesn’t read articles correctly, or seems to put a slant on them that isn’t there.

At least it seems someone’s cage was rattled, even if it was only his!

Perhaps it might be rattled a little more if he realised that some Bostonians agree with many of my comments on council policies – or lack of.