OBSERVER: Why do politicians need to score points?


The BBI letter last week, in reply to Coun Raymond Singleton-McGuire’s recent claims, leads me to ask why the council has become even more politicised than ever.

No, says Richard Coun Austin in part, it was the BBI who inherited a dire situation; they rescued the council from bankruptcy; of Coun Singleton-McGuire’s 22 ‘successes’ 17 were actually begun by the BBI or built on their foundations.

Unfortunately, Coun Austin then goes on to list some of the BBI successes, including the Market Place refurbishment – think that might have been a wrong move councillor! What he doesn’t mention, however, is the one thing on which the BBI got elected: a bypass. Leaving aside the fact that they completely ignored all that the county council had done, or were doing, or what the previous borough council had worked so long on, they claimed to have the answer in all their pre-election literature. Once they got in, that answer disappeared quicker than me offering to buy my mates a pint!

Why, oh why, do politicians have to keep trying to make points off each other? I remember the time when the local council was made up of people known by their fellow citizens; it wasn’t a case of voting for this or that party, you voted for the person who you felt was going to do good for the town. That doesn’t appear to be the case now.

Coun Austin ends his letter by saying the BBI would be happy to discuss things with Coun Singleton-McGuire: why not do it at the council buildings rather than through letters to the local press?

l At the time of writing I’d just heard the news about the proposed move for Boston United and its associated plans. It’s a vast scheme and seems good news for the town. Let’s hope there aren’t too many NIMBYs.