OBSERVER: Why do we need to sell off Royal Mail?


I think everyone understands the country is facing tough times at the moment, hence all the measures being taken in an effort to make the books balance.

However, the one thing I cannot understand is why this is the time we need to sell off Royal Mail. If we look at all the privatisations over the years it seems the only people to benefit are firms from overseas.

The rail system is in the majority of cases run by European companies, and if we are to believe some of those who claim to be ‘in the know’ all we are doing in this country is paying through the nose for journeys so that these companies can give subsidised fares in their own country!

BT is another that comes to mind: just think what profits could have been paid back to the government if it was still under its control.

The list appears to go on and on; it is also quite significant that the proposal to sell Royal Mail comes just when the government has paid quite an amount to balance its pension fund and make it profitable. Just right for a takeover! Perhaps there is some truth in possible £1 stamps for postage.

l Back to the Market Place! But not, this time, about the usual complaint.

I seem to remember we were promised concerts and shows etc would be performed in the ‘space’ when the refurbishment was completed.

There have been plenty of shows advertised in local villages this summer, but as yet nothing for the Market Place. I presume the reason is that the council can’t afford the money involved, so could they not perhaps approach some of our bigger companies to see if they would sponsor something?

Mind you, there have been some reasonable attempts to enlighten the gloom over the town down the precinct on some recent Wednesdays and Saturdays.