OBSERVER: Why is a bypass for Boston so expensive?


So, according to Coun Richard Davies, a Boston bypass will cost between £200 million and £300 million.

If that’s the case would he be able to tell us why?

As far as I’m aware we are not asking for a motorway – just a common or garden bypass.

If you go on to the internet you will find a government website detailing all the road improvements currently under construction and those in the pipeline.

That site gives the Lincoln Eastern bypass under consideration at a cost of £89.7 million – so why the big difference between what Lincoln wants and what we want?

He is quoted as saying the county council ‘have already done some excellent work in terms of improvements to the town’s roads’.

Would he please expand on where these took place? I don’t think many in Boston – apart from the usual blue nodding councillors down West Street – will agree with that statement.

I recently read that someone who had been on holiday in Spain commented on how good the roads were: apparently, he said, most had been built with EU money to improve tourist and business links.

Why can’t we get any of those? Or are they only for countries other than ours?

Tourists from the south, in the majority of cases, have to come through Boston on their way to the coast and most of the lorries taking produce from north of the town have to come through Boston on their way south.

Would this not prove we have tourist and business links?

l I see a road safety officer says he would not travel at more than 20mph when driving through Boston ‘for fear of hitting a pedestrian’, pointing to two recent accidents.

For several months now, sir, no one has been able to drive much above 20mph in