OBSERVER: Why not come and see the strain on Boston’s services for yourself?


Did you read last week’s report on immigration, in which it was found that people in Boston and Skegness have the most negative views on the impact of immigration?

Perhaps the writers could have saved the cost of the survey by just coming into our area and finding that their results have been known for some years. It doesn’t take an expert to discover that if you put so many immigrants into one area, leading to the pressures we are under in health, education, travel and employment, then there is bound to be concern.

Their comment that we are so averse is because we are characterised by ‘an older and predominantly white population with relatively low average levels of education’ is an insult.

It’s not necessarily older people who have views on immigration; it’s the majority of the area. We have seen the effects of a rising population, leading to demands on services which have not been fully recognised by government despite being told numerous times by local councils that we are not receiving the necessary money to pay for the services required.

It’s almost ironic that this week has seen yet another story about Pilgrim perhaps being in danger of losing its A&E and maternity departments! Is nobody in authority listening beyond the borders of the county? How on earth could the suggestion that these services by transferred to Lincoln even be considered?

Although it’s true the ULHT has said Boston and Lincoln, with their populations, both need 24/7 A&E departments, no doubt the powers that be will decide otherwise. Perhaps if they lived in the area, and realised what it is like to live here, they might change their minds and encourage more doctors and nurses to come.

Coun Carol Taylor, a nurse, has commented in her latest blog that if we were to have a brand new hospital, that would encourage more people to come here. I can’t really see that spending even more millions we haven’t got would solve that. Sorry!