OBSERVER: Will new year bring end to road works?

JUST when you thought things were getting back (almost) to normal...

I see there was a public notice in the paper last week giving warning that Fydell Street and Irby Street are to be closed for six weeks to complete the gas mains work.

The work has to be done, of course, but just think of the upheaval travel-wise again. It will mean that, once again, traffic coming from the Horncastle Road side of town will have to go all the way round John Adams Way to get to Sleaford Road leading to yet more hold-ups.

Surely we must be coming to the end of all the road works; or has Lincolnshire County Council got even more hidden ‘delights’ in waiting?

News that travel subsidies given to bus companies are to be cut must fill those living in the rural areas with trepidation as to what will happen to their (already limited) services.

Cutbacks are forecast for some of these services and this can only lead to yet more people having to resort to their cars if they wish to come to town for shopping. The roads in this area are in most cases not built to cater for much traffic but it looks as though they are going to have to carry yet more. Just when will someone, somewhere, realise we are getting to saturation point and actually do something about it?

Our MP’s comments in the Commons regarding the fact that there are more people living in the area than the ‘statistics’ show must make officialdom take another look at the area and do something about it. But, then, I can only imagine that if yet more surveys are undertaken, they will ‘show’ there are no problems round here – as always seems to be the case.

So, what will the New Year bring? Hopefully the ‘improvements’ will prove to be just that, with people sitting out enjoying their food and drink, watching the world go by, wondering when the empty shops will be open again; perhaps our council will actually get down to being seen to be doing something to attract more investment to the area; and, most of all, perhaps Lincolnshire County Council will realise there is life beyond Lincoln.

Happy New Year!