OBSERVER: Yet more cash for the PRSA? When will this be solved?

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

For more years than I care to recall one of the major talking points in the town has been the PRSA – and once again it has hit the headlines!

How many times have we heard successive councils claim they have either ‘solved the problem’ or ‘are about to’? They don’t appear to be having much success.

In the past year £88,000 has been paid to this venue, and now we are told a further £68,000 will have to be paid out. Cut after cut has been made to council services, there has been a claimed 0 per cent increase in rates – until you count in the special precepts, that is – and yet this amount of money can suddenly be plucked out of the air and paid to the venue with hardly any comment.

Some months ago the council decided in their wisdom to sell off the Assembly Rooms into private hands, because they couldn’t afford the upkeep. It says little for their civic pride that they can’t find the money for one of Boston’s few iconic buildings but can find the money for a venue which is often referred to as ‘the white elephant’.

Just think what that total of £156,000, donated to the PRSA this year, could have been spent on in the town.

If councillors can’t think of anything may I refer them to the agenda for the recent Environment and Performance Committee, Appendix 1, which showed the comments made by Bostonians who had replied to a recent survey. Every other comment near enough complained of how dirty the town, the streets and the area in general seemed to be.

I have a suggestion for the council – why not privatise this ‘white elephant’, or try to? Why not ask the BSI and the rugby club to take it off their hands?

As for the car parking story – unbelievable! The Market Place is all but shut for a year, leading to shoppers finding elsewhere to shop, there’s fewer parking places now it’s reopened, there’s parking enforcement (not a bad thing), the parking fees are put up and it’s the motorists’ fault for finding cheaper parking and using free car parks!

You couldn’t make it up!