SENTINEL: ‘Bedroom tax’, suspensions, bridges, BRIT Awards


Sentinel offers his take on the latest events in and around Boston...

*It was concerning to read about the tenants struggling to pay their rents because of the Government’s controversial ‘bedroom tax’.

Social housing provider Mayflower says almost two-thirds of its tenants are in arrears. This is nothing short of shocking.

People who were able to live comfortably before now find staying in the place they call home a struggle. And why? Because they have an extra room. Well, the property must have been suitable at one point.

I know circumstances change, but isn’t the point that if there were enough smaller properties people would be able to downsize? The lack of such properties needs addressing as a matter of urgency. Let’s plough all the extra money being raised by the ‘bedroom tax’ into that.

*When will we finally be able to draw a line under the saga between Lincolnshire Police Chief Neil Rhodes and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick? After Mr Rhodes’ suspension - deemed ‘perverse’ by a judge’ - there was clearly a case for the commissioner to’s just a shame it took so long to get the outcome. This all kicked off 12 months ago! The long drawn-out process has not been good for anyone - least of all the taxpayer, who has had to fund it all. And now we seem pre-occupied with whether Mr Hardwick will issue an apology to Mr Rhodes. How about they be allowed to get on with the job in hand - making our communities the safest they can be.

*Sentinel notes the long-awaited St Botolph’s footbridge is due to be craned into place on Saturday. An email to the newsroom suggested it might have been built two feet short - but the contractors have assured us it IS long enough. Guess we will find out at the weekend - but only if it’s not too windy, apparently.

*It’s always nice to see a local person do good, as they say. Sentinel would like to extend congratulations to former Grammar School boy Alan Moulder on his Music Producers Guild’s Producer of the Year Award, and the subsequent BRIT. Let us know of any other Bostonians performing well on the world stage.