SENTINEL: Royal selfies, New Year Honours, First World War commemoration

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Sentinel returns from a festive break to cast his eye over all matters Boston...

Who said the news was all doom and gloom then? Sentinel knows there’s some folk at council HQ who think The Standard only reports negative news but 2014 has begun with a fun tale of a girl who grabbed a cheeky ‘selfie’ picture with Prince William. Since appearing on the front page it has featured in pretty much all of the national newspapers and has even made the news in Australia, America and Canada. Big credit must go to young Madison Lambe for having the guts to ask for a photo but also the heir to the throne himself. Many have said that William is doing a lot of work to show the royals off in a good light and his willingness to stop for the snap shows that to be the case. All a bit of good fun to start the year off with a smile...

*Why mention council HQ above? Well, Sentinel notes that a report on the progress of the council’s immigration inquiry recommendations (which was prepared for a meeting cancelled due to the floods) bemoaned negativity and the difficulty of getting ‘balance’ to reporting. Hmmm, is it balance they’re after or an easy ride?

*Speaking of starting the year with a positive, it was great to see Keith Crawford achieve the MBE in this year’s New Year Honours List. Sentinel doesn’t know Keith personally but it is clear that through years of service to the Royal Naval Association and Fosdyke Village Hall that he is exactly the sort of person that should be featuring in the Queen’s list. Too many famous people these days seem to be handed honours for what appears to be just ‘doing their job’. Some even suggested David Beckham was ‘snubbed’ not to have been made a ‘sir’ this time around! Sentinel reckons we need a few more Keith Crawfords on the list and a few less Beckham/politically motivated appointments. The honours system should mean something if it is to be held in respect.

*Hats off to Michael Hallett for working on a First World War commemoration for Boston. With none of the veterans with us any longer Sentinel reckons we all owe it to the generation who fought in that terrible conflict to remember their stories. Let’s hope the town can do them proud.

*UKIP was undoubtedlty the political story of 2013 in Boston, first with the highs of the county council election result in May, then the lows of the breakaway split and members being kicked out. The fallout from the split is still continuing, with party bosses standing by their decision to kick out Chris Pain and him, in turn, vowing possible legal action against senior party figures. It wouldn’t take Mystic Meg to tell you that the party will do well around here in the upcoming European elections, but it remains to be seen if their rise is dented by the on going dispute...

*What’s happened to Boston’s £1 million lottery money? Sentinel understands there is a story on its way to keep you up to speed so keep em peeled. It seems vital that this cash is spent wisely. The town needs a boost, let’s not miss out on the chance for one.

*Another new bookies? Yep, Paddy Power opened in Boston just before Christmas. There must be a market for it in the town or they wouldn’t come. It’s truly a golden age for the coffee drinking, charity shopping, Polish bread chomping, gambler in town!