THE QUADRANT: Fan: “I’ll be sad to leave but time marches on”


A long-term fan offers his take on the big Boston United ground news...

After attending the recent fans’ forum I have to say I am optimistic for the future of the club. It is to be hoped that the benefits associated with the proposals will be recognised by both the borough and county councils and we can look forward to the plans being submitted and approved.

My first match at Shodfriars Lane (still can’t get used to the York Street name!) was in late 1945 when my father took me. I can’t remember who was playing but remember being so excited. We used to stand immediately in front of the then main stand, built of wood, and sometimes even sat there.

Over time I became a big fan and remember many players from that period: Harry Sharp, Jock Bayne, Sid Ellis, Harry Mitcham, Jack Stone, Roy Houghton etc. They were our idols.

When I started work I went with friends to many away matches. It was that period when we beat Derby County 6-1 away in the FA Cup and then travelled to Tottenham to lose 4-0. In many seasons it was often the case that the team was made up of the same players every week (apart from injury) and I remember especially in the late 40s the team could play four games in seven days over Christmas!

York Street holds many memories for me; I will be sad to leave but time marches on and things change. I just hope these plans come to fruition and the team can progress up the pyramid. It would be great to see them back in the Football League again.