Town has flood barrier but tide still turning in favour of Lincoln

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I AM undecided what to think about the suggestion that Boston is to get a ‘vital’ tidal barrier, at a cost of £45m.

One side of me says ‘Yes, great, but considering the town experiences little flooding (even when other parts of Lincolnshire are regularly affected) is it not a little too much?’ The other side says ‘Oh No! Surely a new reason for the insurance companies to put up our annual rates yet again!’

The companies need little enough encouragement as it is to increase the rates; the news Boston is to get a barrier could surely lead them to use this as a golden excuse to increase. I’ve heard stories of people who have been with the same company for over 30 years and having their cover actually cancelled for the reason that we are in a flood risk area – and this after not even having a claim of any sort on their policy.

I also read that it is claimed the barrier could lead to an increase in tourism and business for Boston to the value of over £500 million. That’s some claim to make; I suppose this could come about though, if more boats use the recently-completed lock at the Black Sluice which apparently was also to encourage tourism. Anyone actually know how many boats have used the facility?

I’ve mentioned before that I look at both the borough and county council websites and find many very interesting items.

The county site recently revealed that money has already been spent on buying land and houses in readiness for the southern Lincoln bypass, and this before the money has even been gained for the eastern bypass.

There is also apparently money in the kitty for a proposed park and ride scheme to relieve traffic in Lincoln.

As I’ve asked before: does anyone else regret not having the old Holland County Council? The prophecy made at the time that it was only Lincoln who would benefit from the amalgamation of the three former counties has once again been proved true.