Why waste water from the River Witham?

AS WE now have a hosepipe ban and have to save water, would it not be an idea for Anglian Water to consider a reservoir in the Boston area?

The Witham is fresh water; the Haven is salt water. So what’s the point of allowing so much water from the Witham go to waste when it could be saved in a reservoir?

I realise that the water is allowed through the Sluice as it’s part of the drainage system but surely thought could be given to saving it for future need.

l The day of the Olympic torch relay is fast approaching. Local TV news showed us coverage of the ‘trial’ run last week, and it appears several towns have got special events arranged for the day the torch visits them.

Apart from a possible photo opportunity as the torch passes the Municipal Buildings, is there anything else organised by our council? Answers on a postage stamp please!

And while I’m mentioning the Olympics, there seems to be a deafening silence about the athletes supposedly using the PRSA for training. I presume they haven’t changed their mind.