Painting dog poo bright pink to shame irresponsible pet owners hailed ‘great success’

Dog poo painted pink.
Dog poo painted pink.

An initiative to paint dog poo bright pink to shame irresponsible dog owners who failed to clean up after their pets has been hailed a ‘great success’.

A total of 43 piles of faeces were left behind on a narrow school-run path at Wyberton in just one week.

Two weeks after every pile was sprayed with vibrant pink chalk just 10 extra piles have accumulated.

Boston Borough Council environmental enforcement officer Jen Moore said: “That could be from as little as one persistent dog owner not cleaning up.

“The original 43 deposits appeared about two weeks after the grass verges alongside the path had been cut. Two weeks after we brought the attention of dog owners to each one by spraying the piles of poo pink only 10 more have appeared. That’s a great success. We have now sprayed those 10 to hammer home the message and, hopefully, shame those dog owners into cleaning it up.”

The council’s environmental enforcement team also sprayed no dog fouling signs on the path and grass at intervals to reinforce the shaming message.

Coun Michael Brookes, Boston Borough Council’s portfolio holder for waste services and street cleansing, said: “We have tried different approaches to deal with the anti-social behaviour of some dog owners who have not cleaned up after their pets. It’s good to hear that this innovative approach seems to be working. We will remain vigilant and, should we gather enough evidence, we still have the sanction of a hefty fine for those who leave their dog’s mess behind.”

The heavily-used path between Tytton Lane and Saundergate Lane alongside the A16 is used daily by parents walking their children to and from Wyberton Primary School. It is narrow and inevitably some children have to walk on the grass alongside the path, especially if parents have other children in a pushchair.

Coun Brookes brought attention to the potential for a child becoming blind if infected by a parasite contained in dog faeces.

Council grounds staff are sometimes sprayed with dog excrement when strimming and mowing where it has been left undetected.

There are bins for disposal of properly bagged dog poo along the path. Free rolls of dog poo bags are available from the borough council and from the Spar shop at Parthian Avenue, Wyberton, and the Post Office, Granville Avenue, Wyberton.