Panda’s blood saves poisoned labrador

Panda EMN-160829-114025001
Panda EMN-160829-114025001

A Boston dog has been a hero and helped save the life of a poisoned Labrador by donating her blood.

The blood of rough collie Panda, from Boston, was used after seven-year-old Taz, from Lincoln, ingested suspected rat poison.

He underwent a blood transfusion which used the live-saving liquid from two dogs, including the nine-year-old Panda,

Owner Sophie Wray, who breeds and shows rough collies said: “It was brilliant to hear about Taz and to be honest I found it quite emotional when I was able to put a name to one of the dogs that Panda has helped,” she explains.

The blood was donated through Pet Blood Bank UK (PBB), the only charity that provides a canine blood bank service for all vets across the UK.

Sophie first heard about PBB when she saw a poster in the vet’s reception area.

“I kept imagining what it would be like if your dog needed blood in an emergency,” she said.

“I thought PBB was a fantastic charity and immediately wanted to help out.”

Sophie then signed up Panda as a potential donor and after donating blood four times the collie retired earlier this year.

She said: “Panda is such a clown and a laid back character who adores people and is very gentle so I thought he would be ideal as a donor.

“Sure enough on his first visit he was wonderful and took it all in his stride, really enjoying the fuss the PBB team made of him.

“He’s so happy when he goes along to the sessions and wags his tail.

She continues: “Sadly, Panda was only able to donate a few times as he reached retirement at the age of nine last year, but I am so pleased to hear how he has helped to save Taz’s life.

“I hope Taz continues to recover and remains out of trouble in the future. I have another young male called Harry who I hope will be starting his journey as a donor later this year.”

Taz’s owner, Jan Ranshaw, says she will be forever grateful for the blood donated by Panda and four-year-old lurcher Oliver from Hartlepool.

She said: “Without Panda and Oliver and the team at Pet Blood Bank UK Taz would have lost his life and we would have lost a wonderful dog,” says Jan.

“At one stage we were preparing to say our goodbyes to Taz but, when the blood arrived, we said ‘come on boy you can fight this’ and, right at that moment, Taz lifted his head up.”

For more information on PBB call 01509 232 222 or visit

To donate, dogs must be fit and healthy, weigh more than 25 kilos, have a good temperament, should not have travelled abroad and be aged between one and eight years old.

At every appointment dogs receive a full health check, a goody bag containing an ‘I’m a lifesaver’ bandana and a toy of their choice.

The session takes around 40 minutes, of which 10 is for the actual donation itself.

Sophie said: “Registering your dog as a potential donor with PBB and giving blood is such a fantastic thing and I would urge any dog owners to consider putting their canine companion forward.”