Parish: ‘running library fiscally imprudent’

Kirton library
Kirton library

Coningsby and Tattershall face losing their library if an expression of interest isn’t made following planned £2 million cuts to the service.

A Lincolnshire County Council spokesman said expressions of interest had been received for Kirton and Donington libraries.

They said original plans for Coningsby and Tattershall had later been withdrawn.

Tattershall Castle county councillor Colin Mair confirmed the two parish councils had looked into running the library, but had had to withdraw due to the costs involved.

He said: “The parish councils both looked into it and said ‘we can’t go on and we’re not putting the precept up by £12,000 a year’.

He said the library, which included a number of computer stations, housed the parish and county councils and allowed access to the Job Centre website, was an important location serving two villages which he says has a higher population combined than Horncastle – which is keeping its library.

He said: “It’s a hive of activity and we’re going to lose it.”

He added: “Where I was educated my little library in Hemsworth changed my life, those that used it appreciated it and it was because of that library I passed my 11-plus.”

Tattershall Parish Council chairman Nick Brown confirmed the decision.

He said: “There was an initial meeting between Tattershall with Thorpe and Coningsby. It was an exploratory meeting which was agreed that because of the financial implications it would be fiscally imprudent for the parish council to enter into any commitment on library provision.”

The decision, which looks to reduce services and ask volunteers to run smaller ‘hubs’ was made by Lincolnshire County Council’s executive last Tuesday.

A spokesman for Kirton said a group, backed by the parish council, was set to take over the service in the village and were due to have a meeting to organise details.

The Standard had been unable to contact the Donington group by the time of going to press.