Pensioner’s memories of the ‘wonderful’ 1948 Olympic Games

Alan Reams of Boston who went to the 1948 London Olympics.
Alan Reams of Boston who went to the 1948 London Olympics.

WHEN Boston pensioner Alan Reams got the chance to go and see the Olympics in 1948, he never dreamed that the Games would return to London in his lifetime.

Yet the Fishtoft man is now looking forward to seeing the torch pass through his home town on its way to London for the 2012 Olympic Games – but the sporting event this year will be very different to the one he saw more than 60 years ago.

He told The Standard: “I think we’re very lucky to have the Games – it’s a great event to have and I hope it’s a great success. There is no comparison to the events now. The whole thing only lasted a week and it was pretty amateur compared with today.”

Mr Reams, of Wainfleet Road, travelled to the 1948 Games with two friends from Boston and District Athletic Club. He was a keen competitive sprinter at the time, and was lucky enough to see the men’s 100m final, the 800m semi-final and the 400m hurdles.

He said: “It was a wonderful experience to watch such a sporting event. It was very exciting. After six years of war when you had been very restricted to what you could do it was great to go to such a great event.”

Post-war austerity was still very much in force during 1948, which meant the Games were very basic. Organisers had only a few years to plan the event, and rationing was still an issue.

Mr Reams still has the programme from the 1948 Games, which contains information about the Olympics and details the competitors taking part in events in the Games.